Welcome to the City of Bayou Vista, Texas

2017 Snow in Bayou Vista
Bayou Vista refreshments
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Another Bayou Vista sunset, 2002



The City of Bayou Vista is a single-family, residential waterfront community developed along a series of twelve (12) dredged canals which provide access to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.   Our residents can fish or crab from their docks or fish from their boat in Galveston Bay.

The City of Bayou Vista offers not only  a multitude of recreational activities, but also offers the beauty of the wildlife that shares our community.  Pelicans, Herons, and Mallards, are but a few species of feathered friends who also enjoy the environment of living on the salt-water canals.

The City of Bayou Vista is also very unique in that our Police Department provides 24 hour police protection.  There are two entrances into Bayou Vista, with the Sailfish entrance closing at midnight and reopening at 6:00 a.m. every day.  Our officers patrol 24/7 and provide our residents with a true sense of security.  For those individuals who love to exercise either by running, walking, or bicycling, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn that they can enjoy the great outdoors anytime day or night.

Our Police Department also provides additional security checks for those homeowners who are on vacation or out-of-town for an extended length of time.

Along with the security that our Police Department provides, the community of Bayou Vista is also served by the Bayou Vista Volunteer Fire Department.  The BVVFD provides  24/7 EMT/Fire Protection Services.  The response time is less than 4 minutes which can be critical in an emergency situation.  The personnel on our Fire Department are all certified EMT’s and can stabilize the individual while awaiting the ambulance.

The City of Bayou Vista is nestled near West Galveston Bay, Jones Lake and Highland Bayou, approximately 8 miles west-northwest of Galveston and about 35 miles from the bustle of Houston.

Come visit our city and discover why Bayou Vista is “Where living on the water is a way of life.”

The Fiscal Year 2021-2022 tax rate and budget information is located on this Website.  To view this information, please “click on” the tab entitled DEPARTMENTS – then “click on” City Hall and “drop-down” on the submenu and “click on” City Budget on this website.

Digging the Canals

George & Louise Saconas AquaCar

To view some of the early history of Bayou Vista, see the following:

Mr. Edward Saconas presented an historic recollection of the actual events which led to the development of Bayou Vista and Omega Bay. This was presented at the Bayou Vista Salt Water Garden Club meeting on September 13th, 2016. It was a full house at the MUD #12 building. Mr. Saconas was a charming, informative speaker. He was there in the early days, as his father George Saconas and matriarch  Louise Saconas, developed what would become some of the finest communities that we call home. What followed was the truthful tale of the building of these communities.

Mr. Saconas updated his presentation in 2019. We hope to include those files in our collection as they become available.

To see the Audio, Video and PowerPoint files available:

 Click here