City of Bayou Vista Ordinances The Code of Ordinances for the City of Bayou Vista is available to the citizens of Bayou Vista.   An ordinance is a local law that usually regulates persons or property and usually relates to a matter of a general and permanent nature. The passage, revision or repeal of an Ordinance must be approved by City Council in a meeting that has been duly called with notice of the meeting posted in a manner prescribed by law.

                   TABLE OF CONTENTS 
1.  General Provisions  ==CHAPTER 1 – GENERAL PROVISIONS INCLUSIVE 01-26-21
2. Animal Control  ==>CHAPTER 2 – ANIMAL CONTROL
3.  Building and Construction ==>CHAPTER 3 – BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION INCLUSIVE 11-30-2021
4.  Business and Commerce==>CHAPTER 4 – BUSINESS AND COMMERCE 
5.  Fire Protection==>CHAPTER 5 – FIRE PROTECTION
6.  Health and Sanitation==>CHAPTER 6 – HEALTH AND SANITATION 
7.  Offenses and Nuisances  ==>CHAPTER 7 – OFFENSES AND NUISANCES
8.  Personnel and Administration  ==>CHAPTER 8 – PERSONNEL-AND-ADMINISTRATION INCLUSIVE 03.06.16
9.  Subdivisions – (Reserved for future use)
10.  Traffic Control ==>CHAPTER 10 – TRAFFIC CONTROL-INCLUSIVE-09-15-20
11.  Utilities and Solid Waste ==>CHAPTER 11 – UTILITIES AND SOLID WASTE-INCLUSIVE-10-26-2021doc
12.  Planning and Zoning ( Reserved for future use)
13.  Franchises