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DRAFT 3-2 2017-2018 PROPOSED BUDGET 0.385000
DRAFT 3 2017-2018 PROPOSED BUDGET 0.385000
 DRAFT 2 2017-2018 PROPOSED BUDGET 0.385000


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POSTED: June 8, 2017

The Bayou Vista Flood Maps (FIRM) are almost complete, we anticipate receiving the final maps in the near future.  You may want to consult your insurance agent prior to implementation of the new maps for advice on how this may effect you.


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POSTED:  03-13-2017

Regular feeding and maintaining of wild ducks in Bayou Vista is in violation of the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2 – Animal Control.*

We have all at times had our children/grandchildren, etc., feed the ducks.  However, when the ducks are constantly fed and maintained, they become a health issue.  The duck food attracts other nuisances, such as snakes, rodents and pigeons.  Pigeons can be extremely messy in all aspects as they roost on neighboring decks, roofs, etc., waiting for additional food to be available.

Please keep in mind that what seems harmless may be causing your neighbors additional maintenance issues especially when dealing with pigeons and none of us want snakes or rodents taking up residence in our backyards because the food supply is abundant next door.

*   ARTICLE 02.04.00



 A.  Any person or persons who keeps, harbors, feeds, shelters or otherwise allows an animal, reptile or fowl to remain on his property for three (3) or more days without notifying the City of  their presence shall be deemed to be the owner.

B.  No person, family or persons occupying a residence or building in Bayou Vista may keep harbor, possess, or    maintain in any combination more than three (3) animals. Wild or semi-wild fowl are  for the purpose of  this chapter not considered to be “owned” unless they are deliberately   restrained from their natural habitat, or fed or maintained on a regular basis.  (Ord. No. 20-02, § 5, 4-25-2000)