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Purpose: Basics of Typography and Best Practices for maintaining the city website.

FOREWORD – Misc Notes

  • These notes are for Johnstone, as well as anyone with the responsibility of maintaining the City website. So, some notes may appear non-applicable, but they are just to refresh my personal interaction for this particular site, as I have many to maintain.
  • We are using the Virtue Premium word-press theme. It is a registered version with an API license to Kadence Themes. Johnstone has a purchased license for around $75 per year for Unlimited sites. The license allows for automatic updates and full tech support. If the license goes away, it is no big deal, you could contact Kadence Themes and buy your own license , or just do without the auto-updates and tech-support.
  • One weird thing about the toolbar for this theme. It has options on the Toolbar for BOLD and ITALICS, But NOT for UNDERLINE. So, you must use a keyboard shortcut to Toggle the “Underline” feature. After High-Lighting a text block, press “Cntrl-U” to toggle the Under-Line feature.
  • Another weird thing with this theme, sometimes if you are adding or modifying a widget for the Sidebar or Header, it will not let you modify the Color  options. The work-around is to SAVE the new widget first. Then you can go back and modify the elements in question. Also note that sometimes when assigning a Color, you must click your selection TWICE before it implements the change.
  • In the base typography settings, we have modified the site-wide setting for “paragraph” size from the default of 14 to 16. Yes, my eyes are getting older too, so this is a small attempt to help our readers.
    We have also modified ALL of our default TEXT COLORS to “Black”, instead of the default of “Dark Gray”.
  • As we describe our Typography standards, We will use terms such as:  Par (Paragraph), H1,H2,,,H6.
    These are the text sizes.UNLESS  SPECIFICALLY NOTED, they will NOT include features such as Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.
  • If you are doing a major check of all the pages, the best way to keep track of what you are doing is to pull up the SiteMap page, under the More tab. and print it out. That way, you have something to mark on with your red pen.


ITEM – Basic Page Typography
A standard page will be composed of a few items that should remain consistent throughout the site.
Here is a typical example:

  • Top Page Description (H3)

    • Major Sub Description (H4)

      • Content (paragraph)
      • If it looks right, put a HR after the content in here
    • Next major Sub Description (H4)

      • More content (paragraph)
      • if it looks right, put a HR after the content in here


ITEM – “HR” – Horizontal Rule   (Content Delineator)

The primary and preferred delineator between topics/subjects will be the “HORIZONTAL RULE:,  “HR”.
Just below this text, we will insert a “Horizontal Line”. This is shown on the base Virtue Toolbar as “-“.
Second line down, second item.This will be the Standard method of delineating topics.

We will always use this method, NOT the alternate method of adding a Virtue Short Code of “Divider”.

This line is just Below the “Horizontal Line” . It should appear on live website as a thin white line (2-4 px).
There will also be one below this, as we are changing topics.

Well, that’s it for now.
Remember that it is the CONTENT which matters.
All else is fluff.

Below is a css/shortcode just “stored here”  We use it as a line just below the header bar sometimes.